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Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy (or JLPP for short) in Rottweilers

This is a recently identified devastating disease in Rottweiler puppies that start s to show up at about 3 or 4 months of age.. Affected puppies usually die or have to be put down.

This is NOT a contagious disease, bit an hereditary condition. All dog breeds usually have some form of hereditary condition but Rottweiler breeders, by testing and good breeding practices will eventually eliminate these.

Buying A Rottweiler Puppy?

Identifying the genetic marker for JLPP is good news. Please do not panic. Do not let this put you off. With careful and ethical breeding practises, breeders can guarantee puppy buyers from their puppy becoming AFFECTED with JLPP. In time breeders can easily eradicate this disease with careful and ethical breeding practises. There is absolutely no reason for puppy buyers to be scared. All the puppy buyers needs to do is ask the breeder to show them official documentation that the sire and dam of your puppy are either BOTH JLPP CLEAR or that only one of them is a CARRIER. Do NOT take their word for it. The key is to ensure that carriers are never bred to each other so that no affected pups are produced.

Un-registered Breeders  and ANKC registered breeders who are NOT testing for JLPP, must be steered clear of as they have the real potential of breeding AFFECTED puppies. This is an incredibly shocking disease to see developing in a young puppy. No breeder or puppy owner ever wants to go through this. Most puppies die before 9 months of age from this insidious disease, usually fatal or euthanized by 5-7 months old.

**Rottweiler breeders who tell you that JLPP is not in Australia are sadly very mistaken.

**Rottweiler breeders who tell you that JLPP is not in their lines must be able to back up this statement with "VERIFIED" and documented test results. Insist on seeing the results and ensure they are verified (taken by a vet) results, not from swabs they collected themselves.


 this heartbreaking video of JLPP affected puppies


article on JLPP

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